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EPRI's Power Quality Knowledge (PQK) is a supplemental project of Program 1 that provides best-in-class information and resource tools needed to manage power quality in a competitive environment, and to understand and solve vexing power quality problems. The program offers a comprehensive collection of unbiased and actionable technical and informational publications and products, educational forums, technical support, and Web-based services to enable electric power service providers to more cost effectively and efficiently deal with today's power quality issues, planning, management, mitigation, and prevention. Aggressive application of these tools and resources will enable profound improvements in the efficiency of solving PQ related problems and commensurate reductions in their cost, and increase the profitability of electric utilities by enabling uninterrupted operating of high-value end users with sensitive digital loads.

For further information about the EPRI PQ Knowledge Program, contact Bill Howe at bconnatser@epri.com, Program Manager of Power Quality research for EPRI, or call 720-565-6888.

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With the global search box at the top right of your browser, you can search all power quality publications, the PQ Hotline database, and items in the Learning Center simultaneously. The results are ordered by document or source type and ranked by strength of match. You can also include EPRI reports and software in your search by checking the box next to "Include Other EPRI.com PQ Products."

Additionally, you can browse by document or source type in the "PQ Library" menu. Select from Applications, Briefs, Case Studies, Commentaries, chapters of the PQ Encyclopedia, articles in the Signature Journal, Solutions, and Tech Watches. You can also browse the PQ Hotline Database and PQ Hotline Calls of the Month.

Tailor Content for Your Power Quality Staff and Customers

As a subscriber to MyPQ, you have access to short power quality articles compiled from EPRI PQ documents. You can download articles, including high-resolution images for printing or PDF file, in HTML or RTF (Word) format to customize a newsletter relevant to the interests of your power quality staff and customers. Visit the Power Quality News Builder to build your custom newsletter today.

Learn about Power Quality

Although all EPRI power quality documents are instructional, you can obtain fundamental information about power quality from the following areas of MyPQ:


MyPQ features three practical calculators:

Ask the Experts

The EPRI Power Quality Hotline, established in 2000, is a conduit between power quality professionals in the field and the robust staff of power quality experts in EPRI's Program 1: Power Quality (please visit the Staff Bios page for more information about the EPRI power quality staff). Members of Program 1 can submit a question to the Power Quality Hotline via the web form at the Ask EPRI’s PQ Knowledge Experts page.

Program 1 Products and Services

The EPRI PQ staff provides consulting, testing, and auditing services to members of Program 1. SEMI F47 Services include multiple levels of products and services, including SEMI F47 compliance certification, training, consulting, testing, and power quality audits. EPRI's Industrial Assessment Team has the unique capability of offering both Industrial Power Quality and Energy-Efficiency Assessments to your utility and industrial customers.