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EPRI's Power Quality Knowledge (PQK) is a supplemental project of Program 1 that provides best-in-class information and resource tools needed to manage power quality in a competitive environment, and to understand and solve vexing power quality problems. The program offers a comprehensive collection of unbiased and actionable technical and informational publications and products, educational forums, technical support, and Web-based services to enable electric power service providers to more cost effectively and efficiently deal with today's power quality issues, planning, management, mitigation, and prevention. Aggressive application of these tools and resources will enable profound improvements in the efficiency of solving PQ related problems and commensurate reductions in their cost, and increase the profitability of electric utilities by enabling uninterrupted operating of high-value end users with sensitive digital loads.

For further information about the EPRI PQ Knowledge Program, contact Bill Howe at bhowe@epri.com, Program Manager of Power Quality research for EPRI, or call 720-565-6888.